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Virtual Kitchen Table Bundle (Two VKTs + One Audiobook!)


Getting Parents to Talk About Farm Transition

60+ minutes + Bonus PDF Downloads

  • Understand why farm dads are “shutting down” when they are asked to be open about their plans and desires, and how you can get them to share more openly, more often 
  • Learn why farm moms are essential to starting the conversation about farm transition and how to engage them without making them feel like a mediator 
  • Learn how valuable the Undiscussabulls™ are to create solutions and timelines for agreements that include, income streams, housing, fairness to non-farm heirs 
  • Understand why culture beats strategy on the farm - every time! 
  • Learn how to respectfully vocalize your needs and be clear about your intentions to have courageous conversations with farm parents. 
  • Create meaningful ways to have family meetings where all voices are heard 

Dealing with Entitled Siblings

60+ minutes + Bonus PDF Downloads

  • Create mindset shifts that level the farm field, helping everyone to be successful and contribute
  • Learn how to respectfully, yet assertively, attack the issue and not the people (siblings)
  • Destroy harmful and hurtful assumptions, and develop a path forward to create more trust, empathy, and understanding
  • Develop a buyout business plan that works
  • Re-write money scripts, shifting unsupported entitlement to a willingness to negotiate
  • And so much more!


BONUS!! About Building Your Farm Legacy (Audiobook)

Length: 3 hours, 57 minutes
Author: Elaine Froese
Narrator: Janine Granda

“Tell us how to get our parents and grandparents to come to the table to talk about transition issues.”

“I am so tired of being the one in the middle of all this conflict, how do I get the people on this farm to stop fighting and start acting ?”

“Thanks for giving me a sense of hope and comfort. I know now what needs to be done  next to get what we need for this farm to continue to the next generation !” 

Sound like you?!

Many farm folks work hard at producing great crops and caring for livestock, but when it comes to communicating their deepest desires for the future of the farm, they get stuck.

Building Your Farm Legacy is a practical toolbox created by a farm woman, partner, and mother to a successor. Elaine Froese is a certified farm family coach, mediator, and farm advisor who empowers family to increase profit by having regular constructive communication to secure the legacy of their farms. She’s able to keep each age and stage of all the players clear about their roles and expectations to work out an actionable plan . Elaine Froese has been through 2 farm transition plans with her family of origin, her in-laws, and now her son and daughter in-law. 

Share this book with your farm team to have better communication, improved conflict resolution, and solutions for the continuance of your farm business. Use the book to plant seeds of new ideas to embrace habits for better relationships and ultimately build the legacy of your farm.