Dr. Moira Somers

Psychologist, Speaker, Author

Learn how to handle moments of impasse and disagreement

If you give advice of any kind for a living, then you know how hard it can be for clients, patients or customers to follow your wise counsel during the advising process.

Learn how to create a working alliance that is stronger than ever

If your job involves giving financial counsel of any sort...accounting, investing, business planning, credit counselling, then this course is for you.

Learn how to implement practical skills, rooted in science

Giving Advice That Sticks  will offer practical, evidence-based strategies for implementing practical skills that are rooted in the science of effective advice delivery.

What they're saying about Dr. Moira Somers

Adele Whyte, Financial Planning Institute of South Africa

“Dr. Somers participated as a key note speaker at the FPI Professionals Convention on the 18th of July 2019 in Sandton, South Africa with approximately 800 delegates in attendance. It was a pleasure having Dr. Somers as our guest as she shared her knowledge and insights and engaged with our audience."

Gordon Krupa, Wealth Planning and Strategy Lead, MD Financial Management 

“Dr. Somers has presented to our advisors (Financial Planners, Estate & Trust Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Insurance Consultants) on a number of occasions. Her engaging style along with insightful content are highly regarded and have helped us to improve the manner in which we deliver advice across our client base. Dr. Somers is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with! I recommend her without hesitation.”

Allison Riva, Director, Marketing and Communications, Financial Planning Services Canada

“She has unique expertise on how to integrate behavioural science with the practice of financial advising.  I highly recommend working with Dr. Somers if you want to energize and educate your audience!”